Uriel and Erica, CA

After numerous doctor visits with my youngest daughter, it was determined that a brace may be the best way to treat her Scoliosis. Although my wife and I understood this may be the best treatment possible, we were concerned as to how were going to be able to afford this treatment. Align Scoliosis Foundation came in for the rescue.

The treatment from the brace did exactly what we hoped for. After numerous months of wearing the brace for 16+ hours daily, her doctor was happy with the way it not only stabilized her posture, it actually helped correct it. My daughter wore that brace for about 2 years and as recently as 4 months ago was told she no longer needs to use it.

When the doctor first recommended the use of the brace, I was unemployed at the time. Our family of 4 was surviving just with my wife’s income (as a teacher she doesn’t earn very much) and Align Scoliosis Foundation was like a miracle for our family. I am so thankful to ASF for being able to fund the brace for our daughter. They were able to provide her the help she needed and is currently living her best life. Thank you ASF ;)