Stories behind our financial assitance

Connie – Orange, CA

I want to thank the Align Scoliosis Foundation for their compassion and generosity in providing the needed financial support for the Wood Rigo Cheneau brace.

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Micah, WI

Our son wore a Boston brace for more than a year. It seemed to slow the progression of his curvature but was doing nothing for

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Louisa, CA

In January of 2022 it was confirmed that my daughter had scoliosis and needed a back brace. The Orthotist heard my concern about the cost

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Caroline, CT

My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of six (2016). Upon discovery we were already at the point of needing bracing. I initially

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Isaac, NY

Our son has severe infantile scoliosis. We’ve been very pleased with the much better alignment and that the curve has not progressed. We are hoping that

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Candace, FL

I am writing to thank you for this foundation’s generosity in helping us and helping so many people with your financial assistance program to cover

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