Stories behind our financial support

Patient – Bryan, TX

“After some intense back pain and nerve pain last year, I started looking for a better way to address my scoliosis. The Schroth method seemed very promising, but any physical therapy I could find was expensive. Of course my insurance wouldn’t cover a penny of it. I met with Rebecca Hurst,

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Gena, Bryan – TX.

From: Gena To: The Align Scoliosis Foundation & Rebbeca Hurst (Advanced Scoliosis Care).  My daughter had a 52% curve and was basically told wear this brace 16hrs/day but you are going to need a surgical correction. At which time she stood crooked her shoulder drooped and as a preteen appearance

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Kendall, Jennifer & Justin – San Antonio, TX

We are thankful to the foundation and its donors to provide such beneficial support for those who need it. We were told by our insurance company, Humana, that the WCR Brace was no longer covered, this is after Humana covered the brace for three years.   All of a sudden

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