Stories behind our financial support

Jose – Bryan, TX

From : Jose To : Align Scoliosis Foundation. Hello. I am writing to thank you infinitely for helping us and for helping so many people with your support program to obtain therapy sessions at no cost as you did for my son. My whole family is very grateful to you

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Bethany – Bryan, TX

Thank you so much for the financial scholarship towards my scoliosis treatment. Because of your generosity, I have been able to continue Schroth therapy, and I have found new motivation to continue to work hard to take care of myself. Just the thought that someone would want to help me

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Avril – Bryan, TX

Avril was diagnosed with scoliosis in August 2020. From that point on, all I could think about was where I could get the best treatment for my daughter. I was not happy with our doctor at the time for how he handled finding out if it was indeed scoliosis or

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Kendall, Jennifer & Justin – San Antonio, TX

We are thankful to the foundation and its donors to provide such beneficial support for those who need it. We were told by our insurance company, Humana, that the WCR Brace was no longer covered, this is after Humana covered the brace for three years.   All of a sudden

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