Tara, Australia

We are deeply grateful to the Perth Scoliosis Clinic for connecting us with the Align Scoliosis Foundation in America. The Foundation provided a generous grant that helped cover some of the cost of our 10 year old daughter Lucy’s WCR brace after we were unable to receive any assistance in Australia from Medicare or our private health insurer, HBF.

Lucy has been wearing her brace full-time since November 2023 and has shown remarkable compliance, wearing it for 22 hours a day despite the challenges this is presenting to her in everyday life. Fortunately, we have seen significant improvement in her curves already which is giving us hope that she can avoid spinal fusion surgery. Since her scoliosis diagnosis, she has grown rapidly, gaining 9 cm in height over the past 8 months. Due to this rapid growth, Lucy has already outgrown her brace, and we are now in the process of ordering a new one.

Although we have recently been advised the Align Scoliosis Foundation isn’t issuing grants currently, we want to express our deepest gratitude for their invaluable assistance during a really tough time for our family. Their support made a huge difference in Lucy’s treatment and well-being, and we are forever thankful for their generosity.

Thank you, Align Scoliosis Foundation, for your compassion and support.