Ryan & Sara, TX

We received a scoliosis diagnosis for our son when he was 17 years old and were immediately faced with needing to respond rapidly in order to take advantage of what little time we had to impact the severity of the curve before his growth plates closed.

We have been incredibly grateful for the grants we received from the Align Scoliosis Foundation to provide therapy and a brace for our son. Our insurance did not cover any of the needed treatments, and it would have been really difficult for our family to afford the costs of bracing and his therapy needs. When we got the email back stating that we were approved for funding, we felt a huge weight lifted off our shoulders and were able to focus on simply getting him the help he needed rather than fretting about how we would pay for it all. Just today, we were able to pick up his brand new brace and begin the journey of adjusting to the new normal of wearing a brace.

We could not be more thankful for the work of the foundation in helping families like ours. I can’t imagine the difference this will make in the course of our son’s life.