Patient – Bryan, TX

“After some intense back pain and nerve pain last year, I started looking for a better way to address my scoliosis. The Schroth method seemed very promising, but any physical therapy I could find was expensive. Of course my insurance wouldn’t cover a penny of it.
I met with Rebecca Hurst, at Advanced Scoliosis Care, to express my concerns about cost and discuss my options. She told me about the Align Scoliosis Foundation. I filled out the application, hoping they could help even a little. They ended up helping more than I was even expecting! At last, hope was on the horizon.
In my sessions with Rebecca, I’ve learned breathing techniques and physical exercises that have helped me with my posture, helped keep my spinal curve from getting any worse, and kept the back pain at bay. I wouldn’t have been able to make this kind of progress if Align Scoliosis Foundation hadn’t helped me with the cost. I am very grateful that they exist, and that they helped me when I needed help. I hope they keep on helping people who need it for many more years to come.”
May – 2022
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