Micah, WI

Our son wore a Boston brace for more than a year. It seemed to slow the progression of his curvature but was doing nothing for the increased rotation we were seeing. As I searched for alternatives, I found your brace and spoke to our doctor about it. He was not familiar with the WCR brace so I gave him some research on it that I found online and he agreed to write a script. This required us to use a different orthotist, but he has done a great job with the brace. The cost out of pocket was considerable with this brace, but the foundation was able to help make up the difference through a scholarship. We really appreciate that! Our son has been in the WCR brace for 4 months and we feel that the derotation aspect of this brace is working along with reducing curve in the sagittal plane.

Thank you for making this brace possible for us through the scholarship program!