Louisa, CA

In January of 2022 it was confirmed that my daughter had scoliosis and needed a back brace. The Orthotist heard my concern about the cost of the brace and introduced me to ASF. The treatment from the brace has been significant, she wears it for 18-20 hours a day and we have been seeing a big change in her posture and in her x-ray results.  The doctor also recently said that the brace has helped her so much that we might only need one more brace before she stops wearing a brace all together. Align Scoliosis Foundation was like a miracle for our family. I am so thankful to ASF for being able to fund the brace for my daughter. As a single mother supporting two children, the cost of the brace was a lot for us, and if it weren’t for ASF we wouldn’t be able to get this brace that has helped my child gain back her posture and confidence.