Julie – Green Bay, WI

Dear Mr. Wood,

My husband and I would like pass on our gratitude for being chosen as recipients of the scholarship for our daughter’s WCR brace.

Without Lynn mentioning this opportunity we would have had an undue hardship. Lynn encouraged us to apply and we are so glad we did! My daughter received her WCR brace last Tuesday and so far, has adapted quite well. She was pleased on how thin it was and that it was easy to wear under clothing. In fact, after we received the brace we bought her some new clothes to wear with it. She is a teenage girl, so fashion is very important to her! As parents, we are encouraged the brace won’t just hold her curve, but hopefully decrease it while providing some derotation of her hips. We know we chose the correct brace and are so thankful for Emery’s expertise and Lynn’s knowledge of financial assistance.

We can’t thank you enough and are so grateful to you and the Foundation.

Thankful parents
Oct – 2020

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