Avril – Bryan, TX

Avril was diagnosed with scoliosis in August 2020. From that point on, all I could think about was where I could get the best treatment for my daughter. I was not happy with our doctor at the time for how he handled finding out if it was indeed scoliosis or not. But with more research into scoliosis, I realized that this wasn’t the time to be upset. It was the time to take action. My daughter means everything to me, and I was determined to find the proper care for her.

That’s when I found our first “angel” to help us on this journey. Her name is Rebecca Hurst, and she has been the most encouraging, caring, and loving person dedicated to the treatment of scoliosis that I know. Rebecca informed us about the Align Scoliosis Foundation whose sole purpose is to help others, which I believe is a beautiful thing. They help kids throughout the U.S. with scoliosis.

I am really grateful to the Align Scoliosis Foundation for being such a blessing in our lives, helping us with multiple therapy sessions at Advanced Scoliosis Care in Bryan, TX where my daughter sees Rebecca Hurst. The therapy has provided steady improvement in the rotation of Avril’s spine, which makes us really happy. My daughter can see now that hard work always pays off. She is doing her exercises at home as much as she can.In 2021, after multiple x-rays, we noticed that the Boston brace wasn’t giving us the progress we needed in our battle against scoliosis. Rebecca suggested a new option, which is the WCR Brace. It was a crucial time for Avril’s spine to get the best correction possible, and we decided to put our hopes in the WCR Brace.

At this point, we met our second “angel” in this battle. His name is Walter Ramos of Align Clinic. He explained to us how the WCR Brace works, what we can expect with the proper adjustments, and again that there would be more hard work. It’s not easy to wear a brace 22 hours a day.

At this current time of July 2021, Walter is continuing to help us with follow up appointments and adjustments to get the best possible correction for Avril. Walter keeps our hopes up. He sees the progress Avril is making. In the latest x-ray, we were able to see the difference in correction compared to the previous Boston brace and definitely the WCR Brace shows better correction (what I’d like to point out is that our scoliosis doctor in town didn’t know about the WCR Brace, claiming that there were no other options besides the Boston brace).

I am grateful to all the people involved and to the Align Scoliosis Foundation for making this possible. Special thanks to Emery Maloney and Norma Prieto of Align Clinic for being so kindhearted and very professional in what they do for all the people like us seeking the best help possible for our kids.

Thank you, Align Clinic and Align Scoliosis Foundation!

Marvin – Bryan, TX
July 2021

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