Jul / 2020


Sophie came to our Woodlands Office in Texas. Even thought she has a very caring mother I have never met her because she needs to attend Sophie’s younger sister who has health problems. Our visits depend of relatives driving Sophie to my office.

Most of the Doctors have told Sophie’s family that she needs surgery. Perhaps that is the case in the future but she wants to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to avoid surgery. They were afraid the doctor would be mad at them for searching for other options.

    Her thoracic apex is too high to control her curve effectively, however two things were possible:

  • • To design a brace that will control her curve as much as possible elevating her trimlines high under the left axilla
  • • To find the support of Align Scoliosis Foundation.

Six months later her curves have gone down to non surgical Cobb angle numbers. So far it looks promising.

I want to thank ASF for making it possible. We don’t know what is going to happen but we know we are doing our best to help.

Walter R. – The Woodlands, TX