Jonelle and Craig, Perth Western Australia

Firstly, we are sincerely grateful for the support that the Align Scoliosis Foundation has given our family.

Our 11-year-old daughter Georgie was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2023. Our first diagnosis was incorrect and underestimated at a 16 degree Cobb angle, and she was put on a year wait list to see an orthopaedic specialist. As concerned parents, this didn’t sit well with us so we reached out to Perth Scoliosis Clinic for a further assessment and second opinion.

It was during this appointment we discovered that Georgie’s scoliosis was far worse than we all could have imagined, and we were told that there was no time to spare and Georgie needed a brace as a matter of urgency.

The financial medical cost is also what we were not prepared for and could never afford a WCR brace, and we don’t have any support from our health insurance for scoliosis bracing or the medical system here in Australia, and the waitlist for the public orthopaedic surgeons is far too long.

We needed to slow the progression of her scoliosis and avoid surgery. Georgie’s diagnosis was a Cobb angle of 48 convex to the right measured from T5 to T10 and a Cobb angle of 39 convex to the left measured from T11 to L3.

This suddenly became very stressful financially and emotionally, with the worry for our daughter’s future. Thankfully we were told about the Align Scoliosis Foundation and encouraged to apply for the funding of Georgie’s WCR Brace.

We applied and a short time after we received the most exciting and promising email to say that the Align Scoliosis Foundation will fund the cost of Georgie’s brace. This brought tears to our eyes and relief to know we could get Georgie the best treatment available for the best possible outcome for her future.

Georgie has adapted well and our first in-brace scan was done last month.

We can now see amazing results and the amount of correction the brace has been able to achieve, and hopefully now as Georgie is having a massive growth period, we can hold her curve and prevent it from getting worse.

The WCR brace is amazing and having The Align Scoliosis Foundation to support us and take the financial burden away is a blessing and we can concentrate on Georgie without financial stress during this difficult treatment time.

We thank everyone at The Align Scoliosis Foundation and appreciate them being able to help our family.

jonell and craig