Jennifer, WI

My daughter Emma, has been battling with scoliosis ever since she was two years old. She has multiple health conditions that makes her a complex case: high thoracic curve, DiGeorge syndrome, sternum wiring from open heart surgery, the list goes on. We tried multiple different orthotic providers and types of braces to help stabilize her curve and prevent surgery and fusions as long as possible. I wanted to make sure she was getting the best care possible which is why I transitioned her to Align Clinic and started seeing Emery (who also was my orthotist when I struggled with scoliosis in my early teens). When Emery suggested the need for a WCR brace I was excited to try something new for Emma but later concerned about cost and the lack of coverage from the insurance company knowing that Emma is still young and would potentially need future braces as she grows.

I was so grateful and relieved to hear that Emma was accepted as an ASF recipient because it opened a door to Emma’s independence as a pre-teen. Emma was 9 years old when she first received her new WCR brace, prior to that she was never able to independently put her back brace on because the straps were in the back, and she was always overheating in the summer when wearing her brace outside because of the excess padding. Things have changed so much for her and she has found her independence with this new brace. Emma’s orthopedic surgeon was initially hoping we could make it until she was 6-8 years old before having to discuss surgery and we have surpassed that mark and I hope to continue doing so with the excellent care and bracing we have been receiving thus far!