Orthotic and Prosthetic Device

(O&PF) Orthotic & Prosthetic Form – Ver 1.1 – Sep 2021

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    19. How did you find out about Align Scoliosis Foundation? (required)

    20. It is recommended that you wear your ORTHOTIC AND PROSTHETIC DEVICE as was prescribed by your MD. Will you:

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    22. Who is the orthotist providing the ORTHOTIC AND PROSTHETIC DEVICE? (required)

    23. What is the type of ORTHOTIC AND PROSTHETIC DEVICE you are applying for this funding?

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    27. If the insurance company pays you or the company who is providing the ORTHOTIC AND PROSTHETIC DEVICE, more than listed above, we ask that you inform ASF about this amount paid, once the insurance company processes the final claim. Do you agree to inform us? (required)

    28. What is your yearly deductible?, Has it been met? (required)

    29. Are you willing to provide a ASF patient testimonial after you start treatment?

      Please describe your hardship, by outlining your main points from the letter, using one sentence per point (maximum of 5 bullet points and or 5 sentences).