Ava – Long Island, NY

To: The Align Scoliosis Foundation

Today I wrote this letter with a heart full of gratitude and hope! About 3 months ago at a routine checkup for my daughter on the heels of her very happy 12th birthday we received unwelcome news that she has scoliosis.

At the time I had zero personal experience with scoliosis or what it meant but all I could picture was my perfect daughter undergoing surgery. After doing my research and learning that scoliosis is highly treatable, and surgery can be avoided or at the least we can prevent the curve from getting worse my spirits were lifted and we decided we would have a positive outlook.

Upon further research I learned the best brace for our situation was the WCR brace. There was some relief in knowing I had access to a great doctor and orthotist and our brace journey began. Everything was going great until I learned my insurance company does not have any coverage for the brace and the cost is $5000.00. That’s when I learned about your foundation and applied for financial assistance. The Align Foundation has been gracious enough to help us cover portions of the cost of the brace and even help us with Schroth Therapy payments.

We are so grateful for your foundation, I don’t know how we would have financially covered the costs without your help. Your foundation gives us hope and we’re blessed to have received your help. Thank you for making a difference in our lives.


Ava  9-June-2022

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