Austin and Emely, CA

Our daughter received a scoliosis diagnosis at the young age of 9. She was found to have both a top curve and a bottom curve. The Align Clinic was able to fit her with a WCR brace which has been such a huge help for her! However, this WCR brace is not covered by our insurance and is prohibitively expensive. Also, our daughter is growing fast and needs a new brace frequently!

We were so blessed last year to receive financial assistance from the Align Scoliosis Foundation. This was a tremendous blessing to our family, as we also have two other family members with chronic and costly medical conditions.

We are so happy to see the x-rays at each visit to the Align Clinic to see the positive impact her WCR brace is having on her spine. And the Align Scoliosis Foundation has helped make this blessing possible for our family. Thank you so much!