Laurel – Houston, TX

From: Laurel

To: The Align Scoliosis Foundation

I am so grateful to the Align Scoliosis Foundation for allowing me to continue my Schroth treatment over this last year. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 16 but was told by the doctor that my curve was stable and would not progress. Over the years that followed, I didn’t pay much attention as I was told it was nothing to worry about. Years later, as an adult, I received an x-ray after a car accident. I discovered that the curve had progressed substantially and would require corrective surgery within a few years if allowed to progress further. In an attempt to avoid surgery, I began Schroth therapy. I had an incredible experience and realized curve reduction and substantial pain relief due to therapy. The progress and therapy were going extremely well until the start of the pandemic.

Around July of 2020, I, like many others, was furloughed. I had previously been employed as a sales representative that assisted international business travelers. Needless to say, the pandemic had a devastating impact on our business. The financial strain of losing my job weighed on me constantly. Had it not been for the Align Scoliosis Foundation, I would have not been able to continue my treatment.

The Align Scoliosis Foundation was an incredible blessing for me in a time where most things were uncertain. Because of their generosity, I was able to continue my treatment and therapy through an extremely difficult financial time. Thanks to my therapy, I have continued to make progress and have been able to maintain the curve corrections that will prevent me from needing surgery in the future. I can’t say thank you enough to this wonderful foundation, you are truly a blessing.

Sincerest regards,

Laurel – Houston, TX
Aug 2021

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