Jainab & Mohammed – Houston, TX

We, the parents of Alifya want to thank the Align Scoliosis Foundation for their compassion and generosity in providing the needed financial support for the Schroth Method and WCR Brace.

Our 10-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a 40 degree juvenile idiopathic scoliosis in Feb 2020. Her doctor recommended spine surgery to stop the curve from progressing. A family friend suggested trying Schroth therapy and bracing to address her curvature. After my wife, Jainab made some surveys she found out about Rebecca Hurst, PT at Advanced Scoliosis Care in Bryan, TX.  Rebecca’s Schroth method sessions for the treatment of Scoliosis have been life-changing and transforming for our daughter. This conservative approach for the treatment of Scoliosis gets my highest recommendation and most importantly, it gave us an alternative way to approach things. Rebecca also informed us about the WCR Brace and informed us about the Align Scoliosis Foundation. Within a week, my daughter’s application was approved and the financial worry was immediately removed. Alifya received her brace and it was well explained and guided by Mr. Walter. He supported our daughter with getting this type of brace and we will forever be grateful to the Align Scoliosis Foundation for acknowledging and recognizing the need to have these Schroth Therapy and braces covered and for being able to provide financial support to those in need.

Thank you,

Jainab & Mohammed / Katy, –  Houston, Tx Agu 2021

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