Gena, Bryan – TX

From: Gena
To: The Align Scoliosis Foundation & Rebbeca Hurst (Advanced Scoliosis Care). 

My daughter had a 52% curve and was basically told wear this brace 16hrs/day but you are going to need a surgical correction. At which time she stood crooked her shoulder drooped and as a preteen appearance is a big thing. She was not happy and completely frustrated. I rarely saw her smile I asked the doctor what we could do to help train her muscles and bones and make her more comfortable he said we could try Scroth therapy if we wanted. He provided us with a referral to Rebecca Hurst at advanced scoliosis. I was hopeful then I read the cost and my daughters insurance wasn’t accepted. New from here website that Rebecca could help. So I reach out to her to see what kind of arrangements I could make. Rebecca had us come in as consult explained how the program worked and told me about the align scoliosis foundation that provided financial assistance or grants to help with the cost we were so relieved. This was the first time since hearing bracing and scoliosis that my daughter looked hopeful. The align foundations response was fast within two weeks we had her first session. She related to Rebecca’s communication and she and participated with smiles.

In watching some of her sessions. My smiling daughter has learned to use muscle she didn’t know she had to be able to look in the mirror and make her hips more level and her ribs and shoulders more even she is learning to adjust her self to reduce pain.

Thanks to Align Scoliosis foundation making it possible for my daughter to work with Rebecca Hurst at Advanced Scoliosis Care. My daughter   Smiles she stands straighter she practices her breathing techniques. She is playing Soccer now. She is gaining power and strength, I can watch her on the field and see her engage her body and the change being crumpled up to standing tall. She is happy to go to her sessions with Rebecca to practice learn and see how she has improved. Rebecca communicates with her in away they encourages her to speak out, make choices and take control of her own body. The biggest smile I ever saw was leaving a session when she realized She could still do anything! It was her body and her choice. I am So Grateful to Rebecca for giving her that and teaching her that limit is HER CHOICE. I don’t have enough words to express to the Align Foundation what there support has meant to my family. That smile on her face and excitement in her voice means more than I can express.

Gena – Bryan, Tx.
April 2022

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