Ani, CA

My preemie daughter was born with a hemi-vertebrae, which we found out during her stay in the NICU. She has scoliosis and we have been seeing an orthopedic doctor since she was born, constantly monitoring her and getting x-rays done. The doctors kept suggesting surgery as she grows older, but we knew there must be another way since her curvature wasn’t extreme. We started seeing a specialist in Schroth therapy and were pleasantly surprised how much the exercises helped strengthen her weaker side. However, financially we struggled to figure out how we would afford it when our insurance would not cover it.

I was referred to the Align Scoliosis Foundation and I was extremely ecstatic that we were accepted. I would not be able to afford the sessions she needed had it not been for them.

I can’t thank the Align Scoliosis Foundation enough for all of their support.