Amber and Russell, TX

Dear Mr. Grant Wood and Align Scoliosis Foundation,

LIFE CHANGING!  This is the way in which I would describe the generous gift provided by your Foundation for Piper’s new WCR brace from Align Clinic, Woodlands, Texas.  Having a diagnosis of scoliosis has been frightening, all encompassing, and overwhelming.  As we searched for ways to positively intervene and support Piper’s physical and mental health over this past year, we have found everything to be a challenge.  We have battled our insurance company to no avail and had a difficult time connecting with the right professionals at first that would provide the much-needed, holistic approach for our daughter.  After a year in the initial asymmetrical brace, we observed Piper struggling to feel confident with engaging with her peers, always having to wear larger clothing, and withdrawing from experiences that she previously enjoyed.

The WCR brace has proven to be fantastic, and we couldn’t have obtained it without your very kind donation.  In a very short two weeks, we have seen a significant positive impact in the correction it is providing.  To share the success thus far, her top out-of-brace curve was previously 26 degrees and is now 16 degrees in-brace.  The bottom out-of-brace curve was nearing 30 degrees and in-brace is now, 15 degrees.  Additionally, we have seen a successful de-rotation of her spine of 3-5 degrees.    We have a long way to grow and go with a Riser 1, but we are certainly in the right direction!

Since being fit with the WCR brace, Piper appears to be more stable on her feet and wears the brace 100% willingly 17-18 hours per day.  She is wearing shorts in public and shirts that fit for the first time in over a year.  She is engaging with her peers at school and is celebrating small daily gains. Her confidence has improved so much in such a short time.

Megan Glahn Castille at The Align Clinic, Woodlands has provided outstanding social-emotional support and encouragement.  Her compassionate care and expertise with customization of the WCR brace is nothing short of a miracle.  Piper’s orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Timothy Borden with UT Physicians also shared in our enthusiasm with her progress in the WCR brace.

We are truly blessed beyond measure and our journey has been made easier to bear with your thoughtfulness.  Scoliosis is a monster, but our sweet Piper is in beast mode and is now, ready, more than ever to attack it!

It is with a grateful heart that we express our sincere gratitude!