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Bracing, Schroth therapy and other orthotic and prosthetic
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To provide children and families access to the highest quality of conservative treatment of scoliosis by medical professionals who have been held to the highest standards of training and proficiency available, while contributing to research to ensure that this becomes the standard of care around the world. 

Align Scoliosis Foundation
Align Scoliosis Foundation


To assist families in a way to prevent that they must accept a minimal standard of care by funding has proven scoliosis treatments, which allows motivated parents to have the best opportunity possible for successful outcomes for their children’s health and wellbeing.

ASF does it because we have seen too many kids negatively affected by basic treatment concepts and poor quality of treatments provided by minimally skilled and insufficiently trained providers.

The applicant must provide:
1. Proof of 50% to 100% out of pocket expense. 
2. Up to one page hardship letter from the patient/parent.
3. Letter of recommendation, for example from a teacher, close friend, manager, coworker, medical professional, and more.
4. There are 3 separate applications for the Align Scoliosis Foundation:

The Align Scoliosis Foundation has a mission to provide funding for quality scoliosis bracing and scoliosis specific therapy so that a patient is not limited in their bracing options due to funding.

To qualify for this funding, the orthotist or the therapist treating the patient must have:

  1. A high standard of care
  2. History of advanced training in applying the three-dimensional correction to scoliosis*
  3. Close follow up of the patient to monitor curve changes
  4. Ongoing data collection to measure success (clinical photos, x-rays, goal-tracking with patients)

* Typically, a training course alone is insufficient to gain proficient skills in this type of treatment, both in bracing and scoliosis specific physical therapy. Alternatively, simply having many years of experience treating scoliosis also does not always qualify an orthotist or therapist to meet these standards. The orthotist and therapist must have specific experience and training in the three-dimensional correction of scoliosis as well as demonstrated hands-on experience with solid training and continuing education in the treatment of three-dimensional deformities in scoliosis.